mercoledì 23 marzo 2016

A new adventure

And so, here we are again! After four games who got a very good critical success, it's almost time to announce the fifth!
It will be a totally new experience for us because we will present it on Kickstarter. We already experienced such website, but it was just to import our games in U.S.A. This time we want to launch a campaign for the first production of the game, and for this we hired our usual partners, Post Scriptum. In this blog post we'd like to explain why we came to such a decision.
Let's start with a premise: many gamers think that Kickstarter is a shortcut for publishers, who should avoid it. They think crowdfunding is a way to avoid production risks, but in many cases (for sure, in ours) this is wrong.
Actually, when we decided to publish our previous games, we already had orders for hundred and hundred copies by our distributors and customers, while this time we are addressing final buyers. We feel like acrobats without safety net, because if we fail we would throw away more than a year of work.
So, why this choice?
Because we think we created, in past years, a community of passionate gamers who can follow us. Because Kickstarter gives us the possibility to reach people who will hardly find the game, in traditional ways. Because, thanks to the goals, we can insert in the game some elements that wouldn't be in the box, otherwise.
In a sentence: because we want to create high quality games and we think this is the best way to achieve this goal and satisfy our fans.
It's not a shortcut. Actually it's a hard and risky way, but we are asking you to help and follow us on it.

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